Why All the Questions?

There are currently 383 emails in a folder I have dubbed "The Braintrust." Very quickly into our business relationship, I realized I needed a catch-all for the treasure trove of thoughts and ideas that Matthew would have that didn't fall into any specific or expected email folder. For context, the Braintrust is one of 74 email folders under the subheader "CREO" in my email. I like an email folder. 

Matthew is prolific in his thoughts and primarily these emails come in the form of questions. Over the years I have had to remind myself that I am not responsible for actually answering these questions when the arrive in my inbox. [Sidenote: I like answering questions]. 

But these are huge thoughts. Some unlock logistical nightmares. Others require extensive research or experience we don't yet have under our belts. Some are cosmic. 

To prevent these gems from languishing inside of my email inbox folder, I capture the question(s) and add them to our Google Drive Folder > Braintrust > Question Capture. When I first met Matthew, we discussed how imperative it was for him to have reliable systems of capture in which to archive his thoughts and questions—like a computer, he has limited ram and we need to always keep free space for ideation. 

I'm pretty sure I want to now move those questions onto this blog—one entry that we continually update. Maybe one of you will read them and you'll have some insight or, glory be, a solution.

At their core, I think the questions are equal parts amusing and fascinating, sometimes confounding and often brilliant. They will likely reveal a lot about what's uncharted territory for us or what's fueling our creative pursuits, where we see ourselves or the world we hope to create through our work.

Ultimately, I hope it gives you a small glimpse into the massive joy and awe I feel when one of those email's from Matthew Schneider reaches my inbox. 

Now to see which ones he will allow me to publish.