The creative and producorial forces behind CREO, Carolyn D. Miller and Matthew Schneider, instill in me the utmost confidence. Matthew and Carolyn are rare: these emerging producers understand art and its creation, as well as the resources and environment necessary for nurturing new work; they are leaders in the creation of stories for the stage because they are fiscally responsible and are creative visionaries. These emerging leaders are exemplary producers of theater, of art.



Over the past five years, Carolyn Miller and I have worked together on multiple photo shoots promoting Broadway shows.  In an uncertain business, one thing I can say for certain is that she is a true champion of artists.  I always walk away from our projects thankful for the way she communicates with me and my team, and thankful for the way she pushes me to do my best work. 

— MATTHEW MURPHY, Photographer


In my 18 years in the industry, I’ve noticed and come to trust Carolyn’s immense passion for her work and excellent craft. Her positive energy and deft communication skills make her a joy to be around. I eagerly look forward to the work that she and Matthew are creating as CREO.

— JIM GLAUB, Deputy Head of Content and Digital Media for The Society of London Theatre


Matthew cares deeply about developing writers and their stories. He is wholeheartedly invested in the process of nurturing talent and ideas. This dedication to new works, combined with a keen understanding of the intricacies of the musical development process, sets him on a clear path to success as a creative producer.

— BETSY KING MILITELLO, Executive Director of National Alliance for Musical Theatre


I first met Matthew when we were both taking a dance class at Broadway Dance Center and I subsequently hired him for several of my shows. It was clear from the start that Matthew was not only talented but also very smart and highly motivated—a guy who was going to be a force behind the scenes as well as on stage. He is creative, knowledgeable, passionate, and has the perseverance to see a project through the many stages that it takes to get a production up and running.

— RANDY SKINNER, TONY Award-nominated Choreographer